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Graphic Design—About Me...

Poul Rasmussen and great dane design is a graphic design boutique, based in Vancouver, Canada. I have more than a decade's experience in graphic design, including logo design, web design, layout and publication design.

great dane design offers quick turn around on all jobs, affordable pricing and great attention to detail in all aspects of the design.


There are many graphic designers in Vancouver. My focus is on a highly-personalized service that ensures a client's message comes through.

In all my work, I aim for simplicity and clarity. It is my experience that a simple approach to graphic design often gives a result that lasts longer and that is more versatile.

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Graphic Design—About You...

A successful project involves close collaboration between client and designer. An in-depth understanding of your business and your expectations create the only constructive platform for any process related to your design and communication across any media. This will ensure that all creative forces are working towards your final product!


Clients include independent companies and contractors, arts organizations, performers, musicians, care facilities, and providers of personal services.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions or if you want to schedule a meeting.