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a working client relationship

Why is it that many clients dread the idea of dealing with a graphic designer? Is it because many graphic designers are known to have Prima Donna attitude? Or because many graphic designers seem to always know better? And do they? Or is it because it is just another thing to deal with that costs money?

I'll try to narrow down a few prejudices and views that can make the relationship between designer and client work toward the one goal of great designs.

As a designer, there are so many different ways that you can approach a client, but I have always made a point of seeing my clients as collaborators by trying to determine their strengths in imagination. This, of course, sounds quite lofty but it is important to understand exactly what a client want. This, however, is done by lots of talking and throwing ideas at each other! It is in this process, I can get to the core of my client's wishes and relay my own experience as to what extend the ideas will work out in the end. It is quite common that clients more have an idea of what they don't like as an idea of what they do like. This is not all that helpful so during the initial discussions, it is important to stay focused on where we want to go.

Already here, there is a conflict of interest: as we have come to accept that "time is money," graphic design clients are just as cost-aware as anybody should be. Therefore, any time, set aside for discussion and just "sitting around chatting" while trying to understanding of a project, might be seen as wasted time. Well, it is not.

So, when a graphic designer takes time to understand your project, take that as a sign of genuine interest and professionalism with one goal in mind: to get you the best result and the best design!

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